Leading LED Solutions - Made for YOU

Our Mission is to develop & provide Cutting-Edge lighting controls & Client-Dedicated design services

LEDbyDesign is a custom lighting controls design and development studio,

recognised as a technology expert with over 20 years of experience

in hardware, software and LED  technologies.

From design phase to full production, we offer customised solutions for:

+ wireless lighting control

+ LED Drivers

+ LED lighting circuit boards for various applications


We offer full and complete product development and prototyping service

+ Hardware, software and mechanical design services

+ PCB layout

+ High-speed design analysis

+ Circuit board assembly and testing for wireless lighting controls

+ LED drivers 

+ LED circuit boards  


Our team of professionals is based in the heart of he heart of the world’s lighting industry -Shenzhen, China.


Let our team of experts tailor the perfect and complete solution for your project, for your need, for your wish.