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Bi-Dim AC

The Bi-Dim AC is a programmable LED driver that features two output channels, each of which can support a programmable output current of 200-700mA. The driver's output settings can be controlled using the Casambi App, which allows users to fine-tune the output current and adjust the voltage range from 2-50V. Additionally, the Bi-Dim AC offers smooth dimming with no flicker, as well as low standby power consumption.


Input Voltage                     - 90-264V AC, 50-60Hz
Max. input Current         - 0.28A
Power Factor                    - 0.94
Efficiency                           - 87.5%
Standby Power                - <0.5W
Cable Size                          - 0.2-1.5mm2

Output Voltage                - 2-50V
Output Current                -200/250/300/350/400/500/600/700mA
Current fine-tune          - Up to 50%, 5% per step
Max Output Power         -  50W
Dimming Protocol         -  Full range linear DC
Output Channels            -  Output Channels  
Control                                -  Fully Controlled By Casambi App



Bi Dim Ac.png
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