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CBU-DCS Bluetooth controllable DALI controller

CBU-DCS is a Bluetooth controllable, Casambi enabled DALI controller. CBU-DCS does not have its own power supply. Instead, it is powered directly from a DALI bus.

Technical data

Voltage: 9,5–22,5 VDCI
nput current when idle, Iidle: 5 mA
Peak input current, Ipeak: 30 mA
Max. DALI bus current: 250 mA
Standby power: <0,1 W

Radio transceiver
Operating frequencies: 2400-2480 MHz
Maximum output power:  +4 dBm

Operating conditions
Ambient temperature, ta:  -20...+55°C
Max. case temperature, tc:  +65°C
Storage temperature:  -25...+75°C
Max. relative humidity:  0...80%, non-condensing
Wire range, solid:  0,5-1,5 mm216–20 AWG
Wire strip length:  6–8 mm

Mechanical data
Dimensions:  40,4 x 36,3 x 14,0 mm
Weight:  15 g
Degree of protection:  IP20 (indoor use only)

Casing to DALI: Reinforced

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