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PWM2-Push is a 2 channels dimmer for constant voltage LED loads, such as LED strips and constant voltage LED modules.
It can be controlled in 2 ways:
1. Using the Casambi App.
2. Using Push Button.
PWM2-Push supports 1 or 2 output channels and Tuneable White LED strips/modules.
PWM2-Push features Push Dim control by Push button and it can be used simultaneously with the Casambi app, both are synchronised.
The Push button control On/Off, Dim , CCT functions


Input Voltage:                       12-24VDV
Max. output power:            5A 120W @24V, 60W @12V
Wire Type:                               18-24AWG
Output voltage:                    2 Channels Same as Input
Device Control:                     PWM by Casambi App
Size(mm):                                15X100X5.5 mm
Control Device:                      PWM by Casami App
Protection:                              IP20
Operating Temp:                  -20...+45°C
Installation:                             Remote or integrated
Control Options:                   Available Profile


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