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LV PowerDim (LC)

LV PowerDim is Casambi enabled wireless controlled LED driver with 1 channel out put. (LC – Low current version).

LV PowerDim is low voltage 48VDC driver works with Stucchi LV track system and fit perfectly in to Stucchi LV track adapters.


  • Adjustable output current from 250mA to 600mA by DIP switch.

  • 19w with Dimming range from 0 to 100%, no flickering.

  • Power DIM also has 1 x 0-10V channel output (optional)

  • Each LV-PowerDim driver is using integrated Casambi CBM-002

  • LV PowerDim can be controlled by Casambi free App.

  • Multiple LV PowerDim devices can be used in the same area/network

  • LV PowerDim can be installed into Stucchi low voltage track adapter.

Technical facts:

  • Input Voltage: 48VDC

  • Output: 1 channel

  • Output Voltage: 8-43VDC

  • Output Current: 250-600mA

  • Current Settings: By DIP Switch


  • Size: 125×14.4mm H=010mm
    Weight: 30gr

  • Mounting: Fit into Stucchi Track adapter

  • Control: By Casambi App

  • Dim : 0-100%

LV PowerDim TW pic.png
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