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QDim is Casambi enabled wireless controller of up to 4 channels 0-10V dimmer.
QDim is controlled through the Casambi App using a smartphone or tablet
QDim output can be connected to CC or CV 0-10V dimmable driver(s) Makes it possible to implement a multi-channel lighting system with adjustable colors RGB/RGBW or tune-able colors while reducing the wiring and components to a minimum.

QDim can be controlled and configured by Casambi free App.
Multiple QDim devices can be used in the same area/network


QDim can be installed remotely or integrated into fixtures.
Qdim works with a 12-36VDC class 2 power supply unit.

Input Power: 12-36VDC
Output: 1-4 channels 0-10V
Channel Control options: 1-4 individual channels
Tuneable White, RGB, RGBW


Protection: IP20
Weight: 20gram

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