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PWM5 HP is a High Power (10Amp), Casambi controllable, 5 channels PWM dimmer for constant voltage LED strips and constant voltage LED modules. It is connected between a 12-24 VDC power supply and the constant voltage LED load.

PWM HP-image.png


Input Voltage:                       12-24VDV
Max. input current:             10A (8A/ch)
Output voltage:                    Same as Input
Max. output power:            240w  @24VDC / 120W @12VDC
Device Control:                     PWM by Casambi App
Case Size:                                1083x78x30mm
Weight:                                      80gr
Protection:                              IP20
Operating Temp:                  -20...+50°C
Installation:                             Remote
Control Options:                   Avaiable Profiles


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